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Environmental Justice Element Survey

  1. The City of Huntington Park is making plans for neighborhoods to become healthier, safer and

    better places to live and work. This planning effort focuses on disadvantaged areas of Huntington Park.

    You can help us with our efforts to address your community needs by answering the questions in this survey.

        It should take about 5 minutes to answer all of the questions.

        Your answers will not be shared with anyone. They will be grouped with other answers to make a report.

        Please do not write your name here or give us any of your personal information.

        You can see the grouped answers later at this website:

    If you have any questions, please call Steve Forster at (323) 584-6318 or email him at

  2. Please provide the nearest cross street intersection to where you live.

  3. 2. What is the combined income of all adults in your household?
  4. 3. Choose the three things that are most needed in your neighborhood.
  5. 4. Crime Prevention: Choose up to three areas in your neighborhood where you do not feel safe.
  6. 5. Healthy Food Access: Choose up to three things that prevent your family from getting fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food.
  7. 6. Housing: Choose up to three housing problems that exist in your neighborhood.
  8. 7. Physical Exercise: Choose up to three things that keep you from walking or bicycling as much as you would like.
  9. 8. Pollution: Choose up to three pollution problems in your neighborhood.
  10. 9. Civic Engagement: Choose up to three things that prevent you from attending an evening public meeting to talk about the things that could make life better or worse in your neighborhood.
  11. 10. Transportation: What transportation needs are the most needed for your household? Choose one.
  12. 11. What are the three best things about the neighborhood you live in?
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