The City of Huntington Park has established various commissions to provide an opportunity for residents to participate in the City’s decision-making processes by advising the City Council on numerous issues.

Become a Commissioner

If you are interested in being considered for service on a commission, download an application.

Commissioner Application

Youth Commission Application

After you complete the form, please send it to:

City of Huntington Park

Attn: Office of the City Clerk

6550 Miles Avenue

Huntington Park, CA 90255


Vacancy Notice: **Updated Local Appointments List**



All City Commissions shall consist of five (5) members, with the exception of the Youth Commission, which shall consist of ten (10) youth. All members of each Commission shall be a resident of the City of Huntington Park, however, at the City Council's discretion, no more than two (2) Commissioners for any Commission may be non-Huntington Park residents. Commissioners serve on a voluntary capacity. Currently, city policy does not prohibit city elected officials from serving on city commissions, nor does it prohibit commissioners from serving on more than one (1) commission.  Each person seeking appointment to a Commission shall complete an application provided by the City and upon appointment shall submit to a Live Scan background check before sworn into office (Resolution No. 2015-19, Ordinance No. 939-NS).



Members of the commissions shall receive compensation for attending meetings only for commissions on which they serve. The amounts of compensation are listed below, under each commission. Commissioners may also choose not to receive compensation.

Term of Office

Each Commissioner's term shall be for a period of four (4) years, unless removed by the appointing Council Member or as a result of disqualification. No Commissioner shall serve for a period which exceeds the time in office for the Council Member appointing the Commissioner. In the event that the appointing Council Member completes his or her term, vacates their office or otherwise is no longer holding office, the term of the Commissioner appointed by said Council Member shall end. However, nothing contained in this section shall prevent a current Council Member or newly elected Council Member from re-appointing the individual back to the same Commission or to a different Commission (Resolution No. 2015-19).


Meetings of each Commission varies as set by the Commission.

Civil Service Commission

General Function: To serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council and the City Manager on personnel matters in the City Service.

Compensation: $100, per meeting

Meetings: On an as-needed basis

MemberAppointedCouncil MemberTerm Expires
(VACANT)--FloresMarch 2022
Guillermo Flores11-07-2023MaciasMarch 2026
Manuel Morado05-19-2020MartinezMarch 2024
Lorena Valenzuela05-19-2020OrtizMarch 2024
(VACANT)--SanabriaMarch 2024

Agenda and Minutes

Health & Education Commission

General Function: To create awareness of health and education matters in the City; determine health and education needs in the Community; and attempt to implement plans for improved health and education in the City.

Compensation: $75, monthly maximum

Meetings: Last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in City Council Chambers, 6550 Miles Avenue Huntington Park CA 90255.

MemberAppointedCouncil MemberTerm Expires
Liselda Fabian02-21-2023FloresMarch 2024
Ana Garsia07-18-2023MaciasMarch 2026
Iliana Baltazar06-02-2020MartinezMarch 2024
(VACANT)05-19-2020OrtizMarch 2024
Ebony Batiste05-19-2020SanabriaMarch 2024

Agenda and Minutes

Alzheimer's Presentation and Support Group - YouTube

Historic Preservation Commission

General Function: To protect, enhance, perpetuate, and designate historic resources of the City. The Historic Preservation Commission shall review and make recommendations for revisions to the Municipal Code for the preservation of historic resources within the City.

Compensation: $75, per meeting; $150, monthly maximum

Meetings: On an as-needed basis  

MemberAppointedCouncil MemberTerm Expires
Judith Rosales05-19-2020FloresMarch 2022
Guillermo Flores05-19-2020MaciasMarch 2022
(VACANT)--MartinezMarch 2024
Wally Shidler05-19-2020OrtizMarch 2024
Kathy Gaytan05-19-2020SanabriaMarch 2024

Agenda and Minutes

Parks and Recreation Commission

General Function: To advise the City Council and the Administrative Staff in all matters of policy pertaining to the acquisition, use, maintenance, and operation of parks, playgrounds and other public recreational facilities, and to the maintenance of a planned program of public recreation for the citizens of Huntington Park.

Compensation: $75, monthly maximum

Meetings: Every fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at Salt Lake Park, 3401 E. Florence Avenue

MemberAppointedCouncil MemberTerm Expires
Michelle Ybarra02-21-2023FloresMarch 2024
Edgar Gordillo05-19-2020MaciasMarch 2022
Emily Cortez02-21-2023MartinezMarch 2024
Esmeralda Castillo11-17-2020OrtizMarch 2024
Betty Davis-Gonzalez05-19-2020SanabriaMarch 2024

 Agenda and Minutes

Planning Commission

General Function: To recommend adoption, implement and periodically review and recommend revisions to the General Plan for the desired physical development of the City. The Planning Commission is the lead advisory body in the determination of what uses may be of property in the City and what form and shape the community will take in the future. For additional information or questions please contact [email protected]

Compensation: $75, monthly maximum

Meetings: Every third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers, second floor 6550 Miles Avenue

MemberAppointedCouncil MemberTerm Expires
Ricardo Barba-Ochoa11-17-2020FloresMarch 2022
Eduardo Carvajal05-19-2020MaciasMarch 2022
Erika Nuno05-19-2020MartinezMarch 2024
Jonathan Sanabria05-19-2020OrtizMarch 2024
Angelica Montes05-19-2020SanabriaMarch 2024

Agenda and Minutes

Youth Commission

General Function: To create awareness in the City of youth; implement youth-level economics; determine needs not being met by the Community; serve as an advisory body to the City Council; and develop leadership in the community. 

Compensation: $25, monthly maximum

Meetings: Every fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM at Salt Lake Park Recreation Center, 3401 E. Florence Avenue

MemberAppointedCouncil MemberTerm Expires
Francisco Mares02-21-2023FloresMarch 2024
Victor Monarrez05-19-2020FloresMarch 2024
Joanna Ramos05-19-2020MaciasMarch 2026
Brandon Valdez05-19-2020MaciasMarch 2026
Alanis Rodriguez06-02-2020MartinezMarch 2024
MartinezMarch 2024
OrtizMarch 2024
OrtizMarch 2024
SanabriaMarch 2024
SanabriaMarch 2024

Agenda and Minutes

Youth Commission Membership:

Youth Commission shall be composed of ten (10) members. Each City Council member shall appoint two (2) members to the Youth Commission. All members shall be between the ages of fourteen and nineteen years of age at the time of appointment. Each member shall remain in good academic standing with their respective schools as defined by each school, and/or submit two letters of recommendations as a requirement of the application process (Ordinance No. 939-NS).

All members of each Commission shall be a resident of the City of Huntington Park, however, at the City Council’s discretion, no more than two (2) Commissioners for any Commission may be non-Huntington Park residents, with the exception of the Youth Commission, having no more than four (4) non-Huntington Park residents. (Resolution No. 2015-19).

Youth Commission Term of Office:

The term of office for a member of the Youth Commission shall be as set forth by City Council Resolution. In addition to the provisions governing the duration of a member's term, a Youth Commission member's term shall also immediately expire upon the member's reaching twenty-one years of age.(Ordinance No. 939-NS).