Housing Programs

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CalHome Program 

The Housing and Community Development Division is also responsible for the administration of the Residential Rehabilitation Program, the Minor Home Repair Program, and the Lead Hazard Control Program (LHCP). 
First-Time Home Buyer Program

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program

 These programs improve the aesthetic of the City by assisting existing residents and future property owners in making improvements to their homes and properties. These programs are possible due to the Community Development Department’s effective management of the City’s grants from the California Department of Housing and Community Development www.hcd.ca.gov. These programs allow the City of Huntington Park to address various housing and community needs.
For more information on Housing Programs, please visit our website hpcalhome.com. For further information, please visit our website at www.hpcalhome.com after visiting the website, if you have additional questions please contact Ishah Ahumada by email iahumada@hpca.gov or at 323-584-6290.