The Spot: After-School Youth Program

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Out-of-school time settings can play a key role in developing a child’s healthy eating and physical activity habits.  Access to nutritious foods in out-of-school time settings could determine a young person’s diet. Additionally, physical activity opportunities get kids moving throughout the day and teach them how to stay active for a lifetime. 

Below is a video on how the City’s after-school program, in partnership with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation, is working to turn Huntington Park into an environment that gives young people  every chance to develop healthy lifestyles. 
The Spot After-School Program provides a place for school-age children to interact with other children their age outside of the classroom. The program is free for children 6–14 years old. 

Snack Program

In our continued effort to offer a nutritious component in the Spot After School, we will be offering a FREE Snack program at Freedom Park (3801 E. 61st St.), Salt Lake Park (3401 E. Florence Ave.) and Keller Park (6550 Miles Ave). Snacks are served Monday-Friday, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Program Activities

Arts & crafts
Intramural Sports
Board games
Homework assistance
Special events

Program Sites & Hours

Freedom Park
Monday - Friday: Closed until further notice
3801 E. 61st Street
(323) 584-6207
Salt Lake Park
Monday - Friday: Closed until further notice
3401 E. Florence Ave.
(323) 584-6218

Keller Park
Monday - Friday: Closed until further notice
6550 Miles Ave.
(323) 584-6218