Trash Collection

CR&R Environmental Services is the city's solid waste collection service provider for residential and commercial service.

For more information about CR&R Environmental Services, including setting up online bill pay, please visit or call (562)944-4716

Below are the commercial guides from CR&R about waste collection services to Huntington Park commercial businesses.

Residential Services and Billing

Every household receives a set of three 96-gallon carts for trash, recyclables, and green waste. Additional green waste and/or recycle carts are available for free. Additional trash carts cost $5.25 per container per month. Residents who are at least 62 years of age, the head of the household, and receive supplemental social security benefits are eligible for a 20 percent discount to their trash bills. In addition, disabled residents are eligible for “walk out” service where UPW’s drivers will move customers’ carts for collection.


Effective January 1, 2015, your trash charges will no longer be included with your water bill. CR&R Environmental Services will directly bill customers in advance. Residents will be billed bimonthly and commercial customers will be billed monthly. You can pay your bill by mail, online at  , or in-person at CR&R Environmental Services’ payment desk in City Hall. 
Standard Residential Services:

- Once-per-week trash, recycling and green waste collection service
- One 96 gallon refuse cart, one 96 gallon green waste cart, and one 96 gallon commingled recyclables cart (64 gallon and 35 gallon carts are available upon request)
- Free holiday tree collection service from December 26 through January 8 every year
- On-call collection of bulky items (1 pickup per week- 4 items per pickup)
- On-call unlimited E-waste collection (electronic items)
- Cart roll-out service- upon request, for qualifying elderly and disabled customers ($60/bimonthly for non-qualifying residents)
- Free on-call “sharps” (needles, lancets, etc) program, upon request

Bulky Item, E-waste, & Sharps Collection Service:

In addition to regular service, single family residential customers and multi-family customers that live in complexes with less than four units receive bulky item collection (e.g. furniture, appliances), electronic waste collection (e.g. computers, TVs), and sharps collection (e.g. syringes or lancets) safe disposal services. For bulky item collection up-to four (4) items a week are allowed (e.g. 2 couches, 1 fridge, & 1 T.V. = 4 items). Bulky items must weigh less than 150 lbs. and at maximum 8-ft length by 4-ft width. Please contact CR&R Environmental Services one business day prior to your regularly scheduled collection day to schedule either bulky item, electronic waste, or sharps pickup. 

For more information please visit  And to schedule bulky item collection call (562) 944-4716 or email 

Below are the residential guides from CR&R about waste collection services to Huntington Park residents.